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I Want to Play the Bagpipes!

I hear this all of the time, and it excites me to hear from people who would like to share in my hobby. It’s a LOT of fun! The simplest response I can provide to anyone looking for direction is find a local pipe band.

The reason I’d suggest that you look for a local pipe band is because they have experience and know the community well. They can keep you moving along with motivation that you may not have on your own. Once you’ve found out when and where the band practices, go and hang out with them. Talk to members of the band and ask them questions like:

  • How long have you been playing the bagpipes for?
  • Where can I take bagpipes lessons?
  • Does the band provide bagpipes to new players?
  • Where can I buy bagpipes?

While you’re there, visit with the Pipe Major (leader) and tell them “I’d like to play the bagpipes”. Ask if he/she knows who you can take lessons from. You’ll be amazed at what you learn and plus you’ll get to know people from the community and build friendships along the way. A pipe band is the best place to find guidance through your new hobby.

From my experience, I have always found that students who have taken lessons face to face always learn quicker. This isn’t to say that online lessons aren’t useful, I just find that they are better for more advanced pipers.

Here are a few posts from our website that will give you some more information:

Whatever you do, don’t buy a set of bagpipes first… start off with a practice chanter. Bagpipes are not an easy instrument to master and you’ll be on the practice chanter for over a year before you’ll even consider blowing air into a set of bagpipes. Have patience and have fun. The people you’ll meet through this hobby will be your friends for a lifetime. Go out and find a local pipe band today.

Kyle Campbell
Bagpipe Central

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